Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I don't think David Hackworth is very Happy Certainly seems to be getting angrier at Rummy and Dick Myers, at least I think its safe to infer that:
America would be a whole lot safer if the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard Myers, was flying for Virgin Airlines, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was competing on “Survivor.” Both war leaders have done so miserable a job honchoing the military side of our critical conflict against global terrorism, and in the process so jeopardized our national security, that they should be sacked for dereliction of duty. Contrary to continuing political spin, Iraq and Afghanistan both are running sores with little promise of even a long-term turnaround, and our world today is far more dangerous than it was before 9/11. Unless there's a 180-degree change in overall strategy, the USA is doomed to follow the same bloody path through these two brutal killing fields that the Soviet Union took in Afghanistan.
Oh, and let's stick a boot in Britt Hume's smirking maw while we are at it:
In this column on April 1, 2003, when many Americans and all the White House and Pentagon war hawks were gloating about the easy victory in Iraq, I wrote: “Hopefully ... he (G.W. Bush) won’t make the mistake of another Texas president who didn’t sack his SecDef and Joint Chiefs chairman straight away for their screw-ups” (See “Stuck in the Quicksand,” DefenseWatch, Apr. 1, 2003). Fox’s Brit Hume publicly ridiculed my analysis, much like Wolfowitz did Shinseki’s. I wonder if Hume and Wolfowitz like their crow served hot or cold. Our president says he’s not big on reading newspapers. But perhaps former librarian Laura will share this column with her husband and suggest he follow Harry Truman’s example of firing his inept SecDef when the Korean War was going badly.
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