Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Yet more Ballot Box Love for Bushophiles While Americans are rivited by the Canadian elections...you are rivited right? Hey, Canadians, you even rivited? There is another election going on that is more of a bellweather for the immense revulsive power of the Chimp. Italy's leader, "Il Deucey", Silvio Berlosconi has been behind only Tony Blair in his cheerleading of the Iraqi adventure in Europe. Swift political move.
Results from weekend local elections showed Milan, Italy's wealthy industrial capital and the prime minister's home town and traditional stronghold, had swung dramatically to the left. Filippo Penati, of the Democrats of the Left, won 53.8%, kicking out the Forza Italia provincial president, Ombretta Colli. Overall, the centre-left won 14 of the 22 provinces up for grabs, turning the tables on the centre-right which had held 13 provinces to the left's nine. The defeat comes just a fortnight after the left won European elections in Rome. Forza Italia dropped four percentage points overall in the European election. Other provinces won by the opposition included Biella and Novara in Piedmont, and Brindisi in the south. The conservatives won Padua and Verona, provinces in the affluent north-eastern Veneto region. The Milan result was trumpeted by the left and left-leaning media as the stunning collapse of the "last fortress of Berlusconismo
Considering the historical inability of Italian leftist parties to organize a wine tasting, let alone an electoral campaign, the distaste of Berlosconi's politics -- chiefly his alliance with Bush -- has been a rallying force. Meanwhile, in Canada, a nation that stayed out of the war, the liberal party hung on by the skin of its teeth despite substantial corruption allegations. But before conservatives here get too excited think about those polls of Canadians "love" for the Chimperor when he was pretty damn strong last year. There isn't much.
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