Monday, June 28, 2004

It's a Small Blog After all Going through more photos from today, it does appear that not just Iraq but the entire world is as usual FUBAR. George Bush adjusts Pickles "Stepford" circuitry, successfully hitting the "more smilin'" button. John Negroponte takes a preemptive oath in Baghdad, swearing he will not know anything about any civilian deaths that happen in the next several months. Dear Mr. President, please get me the fuck out of this shithole. Sincerely, Paul. Not seen on this letter. "P.S., Take out Garbage, pick your socks up off the floor, put the toilet lid down. P.P.S. I think Pickles knows." Members of the ARVN new Iraqi army are clearly stern and pleased to be on patrol. I'm sure if there is gunfire, or a car backfires, they'll stand their ground.
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