Monday, June 28, 2004

Just a brief note on Fahrenheit 911 Attaturk got to see F911 early this weekend in the mysterious suburban wilds in which he resides. The equally mysterious DeDurkheim will be seeing the film too and then we may do some sort of joint opposed to our usual meanderings which appear joint induced. Anyhoo, I want to add something of it before all of the good adjectives and other descriptions are said. Lambert at Corrente has a good description. My feelings are most strong after seeing the film's powerful second half (you know the one Sully the Idiot skipped) where the humor diminishes and the tragedy truly unfolds. Those feelings are not hatred for Bush, I've never "hated" the guy, unless contempt is the same as hate. No my feeling is, as Lambert described it, OUTRAGE. Outrage at Bush and outrage at the media. There is a reason the talking heads are so defensive, they are almost as responsible for the deaths from this war, and the maimings -- don't forget the maimings -- as Bush himself. The contempt deepens and sears into the soul, and the feeling is simply outrage that Bush must go, and go down in a landslide in November. 3 Million people saw it this weekend, and millions more will see it, and the DVD is out in September. There is a reason the Right Wing is afraid of it, because even if some of the facts are skewed to an opinion that is not yours, by the end the overarching feeling is of an administration that must be defeated. Gee, I think I almost reviewed it...but not quite.
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