Monday, June 28, 2004

Okay, now for the Unadulterated Whining: Please Blogroll Us! We don't want money! This little blog experiment has worked out pretty well, although we do whore ourselves out some, we enjoy the feedback and such. Thanks, we appreciate it. Though it is obviously inflated because we've been mentioned on Digby's Hullabaloo and Atrios's Eschaton, we're averaging 2,250 hits a day roughly. But Rising Hegemon is hardly on any blogrolls. According to the Truth Laid Bare we are on but 8 of them, a Flippery Fish. I want to be a more substantial cordate, like a Slithering Reptile. I could live with that. Some of you have already done so, and I suppose I could just email bloggers and whine, but why not just whine here for free? So here's the deal...if you blogroll me, I'll blogroll you. Unless of course, you are a bigoted, and or fascist, creep then let's do neither, thanks. Thank you for allowing me to whine. And now, a silly shot of Bush. President Bush listens to the translation of Tony Blair's remarks.
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