Monday, June 28, 2004

What's wrong with Preaching to the Choir? How many people who have seen Farenheit 9-11 and say that it was a good movie, better than expected? And then they say: "I'm not sure it's going to do much other than Preach to the Converted." But I have to ask: Converted to what? This endless worry about "preaching to the choir" is one of the most damanging and obscurantist elements in progressive thought. Are the people already converted to revolution tomorrow? Are the people already converted to saying "I don't like Bush"? Are the people already converted to voting straight Democrat? Are the people already converted to putting anti-war stickers in their windows? Are the people already converted to laughing at anti-Bush cartoons? Are they people already converted to signing peace petitions? Are the people already converted to turning off Fox News? Oh God in Heaven, I hope so. There is one way and one way only to reach new people, those not already converted to a point of view, political enterprise, or using human carend decency as their standard and that is by mobilizing those huge numbers that are already on our side. Those are the one's we need to reach and have been failing miserably to reach. The right wing have followed this strategy to great effect, we should do the same. And one of the reasons for the failure to reach out to others is the popularity among progressives of the silly moan: "that's preaching only to the choir." That choir is huge. We must reach them. And you never know, we might reach a few others along the way.
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