Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well, I guess you take what help you can get Atrios links the Washington Post which contains this quote from retired bigoted a-hole Senator Jesse Helms:
"I would not have voted for [President Bush's] tax cut, based on what I know. . . . There is no doubt that the people at the top who need a tax break the least will get the most benefit. . . . Too often presidents do things that don't end up helping the people they should be helping, and their staffs won't tell them their actions stink on ice."
Of course, Jesse is no longer in the Senate and maybe he doesn't have to posture so much. However, there was not a Senator alive in the 1980s and 1990s I detested more, including Strom Thurmond. He's accurate on his point of course, but still. I guess a cold day in hell has arrived when Jesse Helm's rides his "LARK O' JUSTICE" over Chimpy's fiscal disaster.
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