Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Insert "Triumph of the Will" joke Here. I have a hunch that this festival will be about as riviting and entertaining as a Breznev Era Party Congress but what the hey, good luck.
Just as his "Fahrenheit 9/11" opens nationwide, several filmmakers are readying documentaries aimed at debunking Michael Moore, and a new film festival is being planned that will feature such works. Scheduled September 9-11 in Dallas, the American Film Renaissance, as the festival will be known, has just been announced by co-founder Jim Hubbard, who said it is bankrolled primarily by some "big-time conservative donors."
September 11? Sweet. Oh, and the article seriously states they are going to show, "DC-911" the Bush mash note. Now, here is a suggestion, show "DC-911" next to actual footage of McFlightsuit on that day in the Florida classroom and tell me which is more acurate?
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