Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Scientist for Bush After an extensive search that was far more massive and involved than the WMD investigation in Iraq, the Bush campaign found a single scientist who will support the Preznit in the upcoming election in November. After discovering that all scientists in America were not willing to support Mr. Preznit, Karl Rove launched, in his own words: "the most extensive search in history for a compassionate conservative scientist, who really does not know what those terms mean." At a press conference outside the white house rose garden, Rove and Bush introduced Dr. Grey who unapologetically threw his support behind Mr. Preznit. "I am proud to support the President William Jefferson Clinton... um, I mean George Bush, actually I mean, Mr. Bush. Um, ah no, its George W. Bush for relection or is that election. Heh heh, we all know that he was appointed and not elected in the last presidential..." microphone goes dead at this point. After making the announcement of his support, Dr. Grey, a noted memory expert, was led away from the press conference. I would like to thank Dr. Grey for his unqualified support!
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