Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hitchens the Lame Since leaving the shire because Bree had much stronger booze Chris-o has written many a bitter article between shots far beyond the capacity of a typical hobbit. Is he a contrarian? -- you bet Sully's photo-enhanced sweet ass he is. Having just pissed on Reagan's grave the week before, it's time to go after Michael Moore's ample frame. Is he bitter? Oh yes. Look at it this way. The ONLY American President Hitchens has ever been nice too is George W. Bush. He hated Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush I and especially the Clenis. Yet he seems fond of Chimpy McFlightsuit. ...is there any other reason to continue considering the man's credibility? A strange thing happens to a jealous man, especially a jealous, sullen, contrarian man drowning his sorrows in bitters and bitterness. Especially when he gives a review to a film that will earn oodles more money than "The Trial of Henry Kissinger".
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