Monday, June 21, 2004

What is a good present today? Since many of us know people who are graduating from high school or college... So the other day I am watching one of the those morning "news" shows, Good Morning America and they have two experts on whether breast implants are good presents for graduation (as opposed to cars, I suppose). How many of us even get a car or have any kind of need whatsover to look like Brittany. But back to the program, the female plastic surgeon talks about how breast implants as a graduation present helps self esteem, enhances peer group acceptance, and makes young women feel better about them selves. The other guest a shrink worries about artificial compensations, judgments of self and others based on appearances that might lead to needs for long term counseling. Hmmmm... are scientific opines always so self serving? How about some one saying you do not NEED plastic surgery as a graduation present!
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