Monday, June 21, 2004

Hide the Woman & Children [but try not to rape them] Well another shoe on the figurative millipede that is Bush Administration Iraqi policy has dropped. When people said that Abu Ghraib was going to get worse, they knew what they were talking about. Now we do too. From Time:
...three interrogators were later cited for violations of military law in their handling of the two females, ages 17 and 18. Senate Armed Services Committee investigators are probing whether the two women were sexually abused. The Pentagon declined to comment. Meanwhile, a class action filed in California on behalf of former detainees raises the specter of brutal physical abuse. One plaintiff, identified only as Neisef, claims that after he was taken from his home on the outskirts of Baghdad last November and sent to Abu Ghraib, Americans made him disrobe and attached electrical wires to his genitals. He claims he was shocked three times. Although a vein in his penis ruptured and he had blood in his urine, he says, he was refused medical attention. In another session, Neisef claims, he was held down by two men while a uniformed woman forced him to have sex with her. "I was crying," said Neisef, 28. "I felt like my whole manhood was gone." The class action also claims that detainees were raped in prison. On June 6, Neisef was released, after a U.S. civilian told him, he says, that he had been wrongly accused by informants. A U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad confirms that a prisoner with Neisef's ID number was released on that date, and TIME has obtained a copy of his release order. But the Pentagon would not comment on the specifics of Neisef's account.
All these various acts of grotesque abuse and now ties to Rummy; Presidential Counsel Alberto Gonzales; even Condi Rice's staff; the running of a mini-version of the Gulag Archipelago. So Americans do you endorse sadism or not? We know the from the time he discovered the effects of firecrackers on frogs that the Chimp has.
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