Friday, June 18, 2004

New Recurring Feature: Meet A GOP House Stooge That's right, from time to time Rising Hegemon will take time to introduce our readers on the infobahn to one of those Republican House members working so hard to avoid working for you, the American Blog Reader. Up first, fraternity hazing fan, Steve King of the 5th District of Iowa. As mentioned above, many of you may have heard that Representative King, likes his coffee black, his soda cold, and his Iraqi men attired in nothing but wires and women's panties. Let's look take a closer look at Representative King based on photographs from his Congressional Web Site. Steve also likes his men straight and his ties extra wacky. Steve talks about how he doesn't like Judges that Legislate from the Bench. Steve is the one millionth Republican to make such a declaration without mentioning Bush v. Gore. Steve is Anti-Choice; Anti-Protest; and Anti-Liberalism, while being Pro-Torture; Pro-War; and Pro-Idiocy. Let's look at Steve's little adventure in the Spring of 2003 describing what he thinks about a little democratic institution called a Protest March he claimed to have attended (for observational purposes only):
King explained that he had been criticized for calling the protesters "anti-American" and decided to observe a march to determine the background of the participants. Rep. King commented on the "river of malcontents" that paraded past his location at Pershing Park by saying, "If you remove the communists from the march, then the socialists, then the radical Islamists and their sympathizers, then the pacifist liberals, the stream would be dry."
Representative Steve King, one of the 225 or so reasons to vote for a Democrat this year.
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