Friday, June 18, 2004

With This Story, Shouldn't I be Going KABOOM!!!? But like Roaches they Seem to Survive Every Fucking Thing and there Are Only So Many Shoes to Crunch Them Give it up to me and my long-ass title. Woo-hoo, I am DOWN with the titlin' yo! But back to the actual story. How many of these other shoes have dropped by now? Rummy and the CIA telling troops to put triple-xxx down the hidey hole from the Red Cross didn't seem to do much, now the top military intelligence guy at Abu Ghraib says, THE WHITE HOUSE MADE US TORTURE comes down. Where is this gonna go? Are there enough living Republican Ex-Presidents needing a state funeral should fate intervene to give Bush a bump up? From CBS News:
In a sworn statement to Army investigators obtained by USA Today, Army Lt. Col. Steven Jordan, the top military intelligence officer at Abu Ghraib when abuses occurred, said he was under intense pressure from the White House, Pentagon and CIA last fall to get better information from detainees. He also said he had worked out a procedure with CIA interrogators to hide five or six inmates from Red Cross inspectors in October, the newspaper reported in Friday editions. Jordan's statement said he was reminded of the need to improve intelligence "many, many, many times" and the pressure included a visit to the prison by an aide to White House national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, the paper reported.
Damn, when one of the President's Wives is coming to visit you, I guess that adds some extra pressure too. Will this get any other air play? ...this just in, Paul Johnson beheaded, a tragedy, awful. It also means that this awful event will flush this revelation down the ol' memory hole I imagine.
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