Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Commondreams and the Progressive Orthodoxy This Commonddreams article is filled with so much self-righteousness and factual errors it's not funny. One reference is to the "isolation" of Mobutu is just wrong; the United States government didn't 'isolate' him, they supported him... UGH. Another reference to a Kennedy statement about the US not starting wars... Tell that to the people of Grenada, Cuba, Angola... Okay, the Vietnam war had been going for a while before the Washingtion establishment joined in but surely the United States military inflicted serious misery upon the Vietnamese... and this site is meant to be more reliable???!!! I often agree with what I read among the liberal and progressive blogs but also contest the nature of the approach. When I first arrived in blogcity (as an online immigrant, of sorts) the first article I read was about African governments. In the article the author discussed that the United States Government had no policy on Africa beyond 'supporting the good guys'. My first instinct, was overlooking, or allowing bad information to appear on their pages... Supporting the good guys my ass... fast forward to 2004 and it continues. The problem is now this sloppy journalism is appearing on progressive sites all over the web. Personally, I don't really care about democrats, or JFK-conspiracy types distancing themselves from the republicans or the Bushies, I do it everyday. The way I see it, the person who wrote the Commondreams article is representative of the dominant perspective that runs in a tight think tank/policy-making/academic/governance circle reproducing orthodoxy in various ways. The problem with the Commondreams article is that their orthodoxies are slipping into the geneal population through outlets like the NYT and others. How often do they admit when they are wrong?
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