Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Meet the Republican Sex Scandal Big story in Illionis is that it looks like the Republican candidate for Senate is in bad shape. Well for one thing he has been trailing the Democrat badly, Obama, a U of C prof of constitutional law, charismatic, bright and broad support. Ok, headline is that divorce records show his ex, Jerry Ryan, formerly 7 of 9 of Star Trek Voyager, (captained by another woman), now star of Boston Public, complained of his wanting her to go to sex clubs, places where people can do what people want to do, but perhaps with other people watching, and in some cases, trades, groups etc... Something for the whips and chains crowd. Now the point I would like to make, on this day that Bubba's tell all book hits the bookstores, is what difference does it make? What is the relation between a politician's sex life, or in some cases, lack of one, have to do with their policies, leadership, or vision? Chimpy McFlightsuit seems a faithful hubby to Laura (even having his staff write poetry which was claimed by him), but does that make his foreign policy wise, or conversely, did JFK escapades impact his civil rights agenda(what little there was) or his handling of the Cuban Missle crisis? Why does it matter? The role of religion in American life has been a persistant theme since John Winthrop proclaimed the city on the hill would shine like a beacon to all, at least until Enron tripled its electricity bill and they had to limit it to four hours per day. As we know, there is a large element of the American populatation, untouched by the Enlightenment, in which strong religious convictions are intertwined with political agendas, consider the abortion issue, prayer in schools, Isreal-Middle East policy, and of course... Iraq. But again, I ask, what difference does it make to public policy?
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