Thursday, June 24, 2004

Torture Memo Release: Usual Bullshit Hey, when has the Bush Administration truly ever mislead you the American public? OK, forget that question. Just trust them OK? Yesterday they released about 250 pages worth of policy documents that support their position that they don't torture. This was accompanied by reports about, their pain at releasing any documents at all because it makes it so hard to tell detainees what they cannot do to them. Poor little pinheads. One problem, the fact is as members of the Geneva Convention, we have, if we obey OUR LAW, pretty much told them that anyway you douchebags. Of course, they did not release ALL the documents...including the ones that undoubtedly find ways around the Geneva Convention and reports on oh, I don't know, how the torturing is going perhaps? There are many other other documents that YOU the American voter, the American citizen, the BOSS are not beeing allowed to see.
Senate Democrats prepared a subpoena last week requesting more than a dozen documents beyond those released Tuesday. That subpoena was blocked last Thursday in a 10-to-9 party-line vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee. On Tuesday, Democrats dismissed the administration's document release as highly selective and said it failed to address important questions about its handling of detainee issues.
All hail our open, transparent government. We are all the person with the hood over our eyes now.
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