Wednesday, June 23, 2004

We Need More Brainwashing Holding my breath and doing as brave an act as I can engage in, I perused the rightwing webzone known as Voelkischer Beobachter I came across this screed by vapid right-winger Michelle Malkin. Apparently, Michelle decided to get her picture taken for full-on Liv Tyler effect: Somethin' tells me Virgin Ben has been having nighttime emissions over this pic. Anyhoo, Michelle thinks wants more patriotic movies need to be made because obviously, not having seen it, there couldn't possibly be anything patriotic about someone who is clearly NOT conservative patriotic like Michael Moore criticizing "The Codpieced Crusader" or engaging in liberal argument.
Can you imagine anyone in the entertainment industry (besides Mel Gibson) making a movie about a deeply religious backwoods farmer-turned-soldier today that didn't denigrate the character's born-again Christian background and conservative values?
-- Apparently Michelle doesn't go to movies or watch DVD's. For one thing, Mel Gibson has NEVER made that movie either. Second, Michelle must not have watched the following movies in the last decade which featured all of these characters. Saving Private Ryan; Gods & Generals; Gettysburg; Men of Honor; Band of Brothers. Third, I forgot to consider the last option, Michelle Malkin is an idiot. Oh, and hey ho, Michelle has opened her comments section up now so you can tell her what you think. You know what to do.
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