Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Bush White House: Judge us by what we do...We mean by what we say...Nevermind, just judge us by what we say we do! Conveniently released too late in the day for last evening's broadcast news programs, the White House nearly succeeded in releasing papers too late for many newspaper deadlines too...but OH THAT TRICKY INTERNET...they were not able to beat all news cycles with their document dump cynically coordinated with another tragic beheading (and it takes a cynic to recognize one). A look at what Newspapers are saying about the Bush torture papers, thanks to Michael Fromkin's From the Washington Post:
In a highly unusual repudiation of its department’s own work, a senior Justice official and two other high-ranking lawyers said that all legal advice rendered by the department’s Office of Legal Counsel on the subject of interrogations will be reviewed.
D'oh, all that billable time, oh that's right it's government work. That position is really convenient. Now that we know there was torture, and that the Bush Administration wrote lengthy memorandums on how they could torture, the Bushies are saying, "oh sure it happened, and we did write that it could happen if we wanted it too, but we disavow the fact that it did happen and we said it could happen by saying that we can now pretend that we never said that what did happen could happen." Follow? Me either really, and that is exactly what they want. There are other articles in the Post that will elaborate further even more bullshit responses from our Crusader-in-Chief. As Atrios said, remember the good old bad old days, when denying a blowjob was an impeachable offense?
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