Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The One that will not go away TheAssociated Press is still trying to get a look at Chimpy McFlightsuit's military record. Lets all hope that they get a chance to look at those records. And right now Chimpy is busy talking about how compassionate his conservatism is, sigh... I will not join your army of faux compassion Mr. Preznit. Nor will I accept you as a religious man who cares about those with AIDS. We are supposed to believe that he wants to save lives when thousands of Iraqis and hundreds of soldiers have been killed in a senseless war in Iraq?! Credibility stretches to the point of breaking... In additional news, star of television and screen Bugs Bunny has been appointed the lead negotiator with North Korea. A Bush spokesperson noted during the annoucement that Mr. Bunny will make a formidable ambassador for US interests. "Have you seen how well he negotiates? This guy is able to get outcomes and results. If he can convince Daffy Duck to change his mind, just imagine what he can do with the leadership in North Korea!" When asked what he plans to do in his first meeting with the North Korean military, Mr. Bunny replied: "Well, doc, I plan to do the switcheroo change up on 'em."
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