Thursday, June 10, 2004

Is the Beatification Over Yet? I can understand the ritual of the funereal march and the placing of Reagan's casket in the Capitol Building. Being liberal doesn't mean that I do not feel that societal rituals have their role in our country. But when stories detailing, as this blog and countless other have, how the current occupant of that office is having his Justice Department tell him he is above international law, statutory law and Constitutional Law, i.e. a King; when it is becoming apparent that an American Citizen (even one who is debatably a traitor) is allowed to be tortured on the direct orders of the Secretary of Defense; when the State Department palpably cooks the books to make it look like terrorism went down, rather than up as it really did; when the GOP Congress tries to allow the American Jihad to be tax free; I'd think it be good if our broadcast media maybe, just maybe, mention these stories during pauses in the false story of Reagan being clearly the most popular modern President. Sickening.
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