Wednesday, June 09, 2004

"Milky Load Award Winner" -- Crazy Andy's Latest Stupidity In the wake of the Kurds, saying they are on the brink of telling the US and UN to go screw themselves, comes Sully the Silly's latest missive on perpetual war.
In the wake of the U.N. resolution backing the new government in Iraq, it's useful to remember that this will only intensify the violence against us. That violence is not entirely indigenous. And it is being directed and supported by the theo-fascists in Tehran. We are at war with those mullahs, even if we do not want to believe it.
I didn't know that Iran had changed its name to Eurasia, but I guess it did, and Sully tells us we've always been at war with them. In any case, I think one can look at the UN Agreement and say that if we are at war with Iran...this agreement serves as the Bush Adminsitrations surrender to them. Let me be diplomatic... Hey Fuckhead, one misconceived, poorly planned, disaster at a time. What a Douchebag!
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