Monday, June 07, 2004

Whose got the Missiles? A play in one act. Sponsored by the United States Pentagon. The play opens with Don Rumsefeld asking a question to two of his subordinates in his office in the Pentagon. Rummy: "So, how many AA Stringers are we missing?" Flunky: "Oh, about 1,000 sir." Rummy: "We don't have to worry about them being used in the US right?" Flunky: "well, um...sir we have no way of knowing exactly where they are." Rummy: "What?!!" Flunky #2: "And, ah... it gets worse sir." Rummy: "Worse?" Flunky #2: "Yeah, these missiles are some of our best shoulder fired rockets!" Flunky: "That's right, they can take down most aircraft or blow up a large building, hey hey." Rummy: "Do people know about this." Flunky: "That's the only good part sir, most people are not aware of this problem at all." Rummy: "Then we have deniability?" Flunky: "Yes, yes sir." Flunky #2: "We are fine sir. Rummy: "Excellent." Scene closes.
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