Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bush and the Religious Warriers Further proof that Bush believes he is appointed by divine right. How far right can the Repugnicrats go? Why are people so surprised that coalitions of thinking artists, muscians, and progressives are fight hard to stop Bush and his regime? As I have been arguing with readers of this and other blogs for some time now, this is not the time to read the Gallup/Zogby/Rasmussen polls and put great stock in them, there are shifting techtonic plates in the culture reflecting political and economic strains that can not be clearly seen in moments of culture that are captured in one of many ubiquitous surveys. One reason is the Stern factor, the tip of an unseen iceberg of large numbers of young, mostly males, who are not pleased with attempts at blocking free speech (no, I am not a fan of Stern), and generally not part of prez politics. But these young men are angry that the religious and Neo Con right are telling them what to do and what to think. Most of of so-called popular music is centered on anti-political statements about romantic love, angst (oh man, the great American philosopher Bart Simpson had it so correct when he said "Making teenagers feel sad is like shooting fish in a barrel"), and alientation and frustration. This music leads people away from politics to realms of feel good mass culture. But something is happening right now because of the ideology of the Bush cartel. This otherwise marginal group is becoming politicized. Some for the first time in their lives. After the JJ superbowl flash, Micheal Powell, son of "Sorry about the lies" Colin, clamped down on potty mouth, a butterfly flapped her wings, and set in motion what I think will be one of the factors sending the Chimperor back to Crawford. Lets hope that this political wake up call does that and more. Consider what the religious and cultural warriors of the right will do if they actually win this next Prez election.
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