Saturday, June 05, 2004

Murdoch to Win Fair and Balanced Award In another example of how Fox and Fox News is Fair and Balanced, the editors, writers, and brown shirts at Fox decided to give Rupert Murdoch their First Fair and Balanced award for creating Fair and Balanced Fox Channels. In other news, Murdoch has decided to cancel The Simpsons and replace it with a new show, The Murdochs a reality cartoon show about a family fighting for the super rich and righteous cultural warriors who just want to make the world a better place in their image. In addition, Fox is adding a series of Fair and Balanced shows such as The Cal Thomas Show about a moral and Fair and Balanced Catholic priest who fights the good fight against cultural leftists. Or Where's the Rush? a Fair and Balanced show about a maligned radio talk show host who fights the good fight against liberalism. More adventurous and Fair and Balanced reality shows are being planeed as well. The Good Legislator a new reality show featuring Fair and Balanced Good guy Tom DeLay and Only in the Pew about a Fair and Balanced far right Christian Evangelical church having to deal with secular humanists, feminists, and liberals. Leave it to Ann is also underdevelopment. Leave is an update on the classic Leave it to Beaver with a twist featuring Fair and Balanced commentator Ann Coulter in the central role. "I look forward to telling everyone just what they are supposed to think and why anyone who disagrees with me are treasonous, lying pigs who should be... well, just watch the show. Just wait until you see what we do to David Brock on the premier!" One of the most exciting new reality programs features Clarence Thomas protege Laura Ingraham, Spot the Feminist. "Each week we will spotlight another crazed and dangerous feminazi. It is the only way that women can learn how they are supposed to behave." Fox is also planning additional new and Fair and Balanced science fiction shows. Winning the Future about the last liberal alive in the year 2022 who has to realize that his ideological perspective can only be best replaced by a Fair and Balanced right-wing perspective. As well as Here's to the Future, a new show featuring Fair and Balanced Republican robots in the image of Nancy and Ronald Reagan who must live in the liberal 1960s and fight against ideology, bias, and liberals. While announcing his acceptance of the Fair and balanced Award, Murdoch said that he will continue to "pursue only Fair and Balanced new programs."
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