Saturday, June 05, 2004

Super Size Me I saw Super Size Me today, the documentary film currently playing in some theatres. Both funny and disturbing in the style of Michael Moore, it is great and an important film to see and not just because it is snarky. Morgan---who is the writer, director, and star---decides to take a journey through the gastronomic netherworld. He decides to eat *all* his meals at McDonald's for an entire month. Though entertaining and humorous, educational and enlightening, it's not a pretty picture---from the vomiting to the lethargy, from the 25 lb. weight gain to the rising cholesterol levels, from the headaches to the lack of sexual capacity, from the depression and mood swings to his overburdened liver. Luckily for Morgan, he survived and then recuperated with the help of his vegan chef girlfriend. The lessons of Super Size Me become obvious... And I still want a cheeseburger.
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