Saturday, June 05, 2004

Some more reasons Why at Heart the GOP Is Intellectually Bankrupt They would rather worship this guy, and especially this guy, even on days such as these, more than this guy. All these chickenhawks equate supporting the troops with endangering them, in war, and having little qualms about dealing out death and destruction in wars that we start. But how did Eisenhower feel about it? In 1964 on the fields of Normandy, containing over 9,000 American dead, still so beautifully maintained by the people of France (the country idiot Republicans wish to denigrate):
“. . . these men came here - British and our allies, and Americans - to storm these beaches for one purpose only, not to gain anything for ourselves, not to fulfill any ambitions that America had for conquest, but just to preserve freedom. . . . Many thousands of men have died for such ideals as these. . . but these young boys. . . were cut off in their prime. . . I devoutly hope that we will never again have to see such scenes as these. I think and hope, and pray, that humanity will have learned. . . we must find some way . . . to gain an eternal peace for this world.” (Quoted from the epilogue, Carlo D’Este, Eisenhower: A Soldier’s Life, p. 705.)
When it comes to accepting responsibility, BUSH cannot think of one mistake he has made, and responsibility is laid at the feet of whatever individual is no longer in the Administration, or even better, Bill and/or Hillary Clinton. If D-Day had failed, what had Eisenhower written for the press,
“Our landings have failed and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based on the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that bravery could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”
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