Monday, June 07, 2004

St. Ronny of Cocoa Puffs Just trying out the Beatification name for size. St. Ronny, patron Saint of telepromptery, dead at the too young age of 93. When Lincoln died the Republicans waved "the bloody shirt" around until Theodore Roosevelt gave them a good President on the merits. What will they try to wave around for Saint Ronny? Will they remind us that he too, once worked with a Chimp? In actuality, the Jelly Bean comes to mind. Have a "popcorn" or "cookies & cream" jelly bean for Saint Ronnie. On MSNBC (the network that humanity forgot) this weekend, I heard an anchor say that from now on, no one could go to Normandy without thinking of Ronald Reagan. ...Somewhere the ghost of Dwight David Eisenhower is really pissed!!! No the meme (blogger contract fulfilled June 2004) that they will SHOVE down our collective throats is optimism. We must vote for Chimpy because Reagan loved 'murica. After all, if there is one thing that the GOP has surely learned from St. Ronnie, it isn't realism.
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