Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Poop is Poop no matter how much you dress it up Hegemonic ideology is truly the philosopher's stone (or is that sorcerer's stone now?)today, these talkers who see themselves as intellectuals believe themselves able to turn horse dropings into gold and jewels. How else do we explain Fox "news," Anderson Cooper, or Larry "love ya babe" King? As I have noted in some previous entries, I am almost ready to puke from the adulation and hagiography of Reagan, the truth is quite different from the media construction of Reagan (hate to use the term, hypereality). While a decent enough B-movie actor (what is the real difference these days between an A and B movies anyway?), saved from Death Valley Days pimping General Electric stoves on the electric glow of the cathode tube machine by Repugnicrats who made him rich without any capital or ideas on his part (sound familiar W?), he was fashioned and honed and choreographed to be almost like the Manchurian President, but from mythical small town America, Dixon, Illinois the land of hard working white folks, with strong dads who praised Jesus, hated commies, unions, and ideas that weigh the shades of grey. Actually according to commentator Douglas Kellner it is a myth that Reagan was only a "B" actor: "...The Reagan Administration was one of the most successful media presidencies and set of political spectacles in history. Michael Rogin has written a book Ronald Reagan: the Movie (1982) that documents the intersection of Reagan’s film and political career. Reagan, contrary to some popular misrepresentations, was a top-line A and not B movie actor. His presidency was scripted to act out and play his presidential role. Reagan rehearsed his lines everyday and generally gave a good performance. Every move was scripted and his media handlers had camera on hand to provide the image, photo opportunity, and political line of the day that they wanted to convey to the media." Yes, ok a gift of gab, but all in all, I prefer the horse dropings, they are good for my garden not to mention the tulips and day lilies and I prefer to have my horse dropings in my garden than on the media and expressed as brilliant statesmanship. Thank god I save those little bags they give you on the plane.
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