Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Ballad of the 101st Keyboards (to the tune of "Ballad of the Green Berets") Flying fingers on PC or macs Never served, but who needs facts? Men who blog just what Dubya Orders Flacid men, the 101st Keyboarders Cheeto Dust upon their clothes Most are men, but all are hos. One Hundred one Keys upon their lap But only one, can be InstaCrap Have to live, in Efficiencies Fought no wars, 'cept accountancy Men who blog, by night and day Courage peaks as they type away Porno Tapes upon the screen They pound away, use words like meme Men who blog, the darker roads And place on ad, on Milky Loads At home inflatable wife awaits keyboardin' man, accepts his fate He has cried, his soul repressed Never to touch another's breast "Mom, put extra bleach on my underwear Use softener too and have a care" I'll be wedgied soon by Kerry voters But I'll blog on, a 101st Keyboarder. The new Crusade, is so keen Torture pics, blowin' off steam We who blog, upon the Corner We souless creeps, 101st Keyboarders
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