Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Ahscroft We don't need to release no stinkin' report. You believe what we tell you to believe. Have you ever watched an Attorney testify before Congress with such blatant and obvious contempt for Congress? It sent chills down my back to think that this was not just politically expedient but he dislikes not only the Constitution but Congress as well. Here is a guy who had to cover over lady justice's privates, lost an election to a dead guy, and he is the most important law enforcement officer in the land? Clearly there is an effort to greatly increase the power of the executive at the diminishment of the legislative. How far will they go? Consider Ashcroft as a direct descendent of Reagan. Reagan said "government is the problem"... yet his whorshipers like to say how important his leadership was in dismantling government. Isn't leadership a personal problem according to the prevailing neo-con ideology? On the other hand, government does indeed become the problem in their hands. The land is screwed.
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