Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Surprise! The Bush Administration: LIE FIRST, Correct Later Just so the Right-Wing phalanx can get the lies out fast to the greek chorus and mouth-breathers that love ol' Chimpy as much as a man can love another man (OK, maybe not quite that much, except for you Andy) the Bush Administration has, shall we say a tendency to lie big and loud and then correct quietly later. Many of you may have heard BigPharma, O'Reilly, and Hannity on their megaphones blathering about the 2003 State Department Report that showed a huge drop in international terrorism. It was touted as indicating the U.S. was not just winning the war on terrorism, but it was kickin' its ass and punching it in the balls (often literally). Typically the State Department is now quietly saying "Whoopsie".
The State Department is scrambling to revise its annual report on global terrorism to acknowledge that it understated the number of deadly attacks in 2003, amid charges that the document is inaccurate and was politically manipulated by the Bush administration... But on Tuesday, State Department officials said they underreported the number of terrorist attacks in the tally for 2003, and added that they expected to release an updated version soon. Several U.S. officials and terrorism experts familiar with that revision effort said the new report will show that the number of significant terrorist incidents increased last year, perhaps to its highest level in 20 years. "It will change the numbers," said one State Department official who declined to comment further or be identified by name. "The incidents will go up, but I don't know by how many."
Of course the MEME has now been uttered and the blowhards of the Right will not notice the correction, the statements have been jackbooted into our collective conscious. I encourage you to show this to the Neanderthal of your choice, so they can pretend they do not hear you.
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