Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Countdown I've avoided most of the cable broadcast networks "all Reagan all the time" coverage the last several days. I find it hard to believe that even conservatives are not gagging on it by now. I guess that's what happens when you've got a decade to come up with obituaries of famous people. Case in point, Hubert Humphrey (people under 30 now read this blog and go "who?"). Hubert Humphrey was, for those too young or naive to remember, one of the seminal political figures of the civil rights era, a first class Minnesota Bloviator, known as the "happy warrior". He was also, almost President of the United States, and should have been. In late 1977, Humphrey announced he was dying of cancer, a few months later he died, but the networks had all this footage of Humphrey's life ready to go for several days when the original "triple H" went to the "great society" in the sky. But, I digress, tomorrow is really the important day, the funeral is on Friday, but Nooner's the Dolphin Lovin' Lady will undoubtedly write her six paragraph obituary to her "daddy" tomorrow. I expect it to be full of subconscious incestuous goodness. I'll say this for Peggy, she was a pretty decent speech writer when St. Ronny of Cocoa Puffs was her editor. For that fact specifically, I really have missed the empty Dutchman. Because without a good editor, Noonan simply blows about as bad as a writer could blow.
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