Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Telling it Like it is Greg Palast calling Reagan what he should be called: A killer, Conman, and Coward... The New York Times today, in its canned obit, wrote that Reagan projected, "faith in small town America" and "old-time values." "Values" my ass. It was union busting and a declaration of war on the poor and anyone who couldn't buy designer dresses. It was the New Meanness, bringing starvation back to America so that every millionaire could get another million. I wonder if anybody has any good data on who exactly these people are who are filling by Ronnie's casket? Race, class, gender, age, composition? Who are the Reagan supporters and how do they think about the world? Maybe that is the problem, we try to understand the world on the basis of well reasoned arguments with sound evidence to support our views. In essence a scientific perspective which calls for both self-criticism and for innovation. Most of us strive for logical coherency in our arguments and in our political work. This is not the position of the Right, the Reagans, the Bushes and their ilk. If you examine craefully most arguments for the so called "free market" or "democracy and freedom" it is very clear that often times, as we see most clearly with both Reagan and Bush, statements are made which are completely contradictory. However, what the Right strives for is not the logical consistency of reason but rather the consistencey of emotion. In other words the Right operates on faith and belief. Reagan, was a master at developing emotional narratives to give the people. Reagan gave large segments of anxious people exactly what they wanted at the time. If others paid the price, well, in their eyes, so be it. The use of emotional logic is the mainstay of all demogagues and actors, Presidential or not.
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