Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Another Day, Another Series of Captions to various News Events -- Damn can I write Headlines or What? You know, in this first series of pictures from speeches, we see why John Kerry may be just a bit too intelligent and sophisticated to compete against the Preznit. vs. Meanwhile, in Dick Cheney-Land Mr. Vice President, I know you are not pleased with my opposition to your war advocacy, but it really is not appropriate to tell the Pontiff to go do that sort of thing to himself. Jeter told me that he was having trouble with stuff high and inside so before the game I went up and told Derek Lowe to ah, um, go fuck himself. I don't, ah, normally, say things like that, but, ah, I felt better when I did. Vice President Cheney takes a seat having just told his daughter Mary to continue following his advice on her social life, "go, ah, ahem, fuck yourself" said the Vice-President. On the other hand, we saved a lot of money by switching to Geico, especially when we dropped Laura from the policy. Sacramento residents flocked to Governor Schwartzenegger's "Feel the Classics" Exhibit at the California State Museum of Art and Erotic Bakery.
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