Monday, June 14, 2004

They're Back to find out what you reading... Because the Patriot Act is not strong enough, not obtrusive enough in our lives, and hampered by all those silly notions about confidentiality of records, new legislation has been proposed to help big brother get big. In the words of His Correctness Ja-Ja-Jammin' John Ashcroft, "We need more tools to fight terrorists!" I don't think that these proposed "enhancements" to law enforcement, go nearly far enough. So long as people have the freedom to think differently than the pseudo-self-appointed-royal Bushies, than my friends, thar is danger afoot. Perhaps, the pentagon should begin the investment in the ultra small and ultra quiet monitoring devices, perhaps more and more citizens could be housed in government reeducation centers, and why stop there? Perhaps thought control devices could be surgically implanted. Maybe then we could enjoy the safety of a democratic society.
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