Monday, June 14, 2004

Maybe the guys with the Tinfoil hats are not Crazy? A little while ago, after listening to Seymour Hersh talk about what he said he couldn't write about -- namely how the U.S. is totally clueless in Iraq, not wanting to believe the insurgency is reaction to the US, rather....Saddam supporters, those wacky fundamentalists, terrorist from abroad, little green men dressed in black... etc, etc... What I said then which bordered on conspiracy theory, now may not sound quite so far fetched. Although, I am willing to give up the Michael Jackson-Aliens produced Rummy connection. Think about it though, Rummy's obstinance, his weird view of the truth, his alien-like facial expressions, and his inability to speak coherent thoughts in any language (including body language) does lend credibility to that story. But I digress. Ok, same story, although without the aliens, via Thomas Powers (NOT Austin Powers, although I can imagine some exciting political comments coming from the International Man of Mystery). If this stuff is half of the truth then an old guard of CIA who is allied to Wall street not texas yahoos is clearly engineering the overthrow of Bushies, like getting at who outed Plame, who rejected intelligence reports, etc etc... With friends likes these... Anyhow, looks like things are not going to go too well for the Bushies, and if the CIA got Kennedy (Wasn't Ollie North on the Grassy Knoll?), Bush is really small potatoes! He's gonna go down and if all this stuff come out and he is actually linked to criminal activity, as is Cheney to Halliburton contracts, then lets just hope that prez Kerry doesnt pardon him/them, or if he does, he doesn't change his mind later. Anyhow, see for yourself.
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