Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hillary as VP Nominee, Yeh Right! Oh, the Clinton's, the ever present spectres that fuel the right's "hate and more hate" compulsions. Hillary as VP is the latest news story to arise from Drudge's ever scary closet -- I mean, imagine all of the Fedora's in there -- what did you think I meant? This fixation on all things Clinton is about as humorous as it is sad. Why don't all of you Rightwing blogging idiots just do the "CHENEY" and relax a little bit after you crank you little bits. Look, Matty, just because Dick Morris tells you something, especially something even he is too embarassed to have his name associated with, doesn't mean it should be printed. I'm just some little pissant blogger, I have no connections in Washington, no sources, no entre. I don't even whore out my blog for political contributions because frankly who would really want MY endorsement, not to mention what could I possibly raise? Yet despite all of this lack of cache' I can state for a fact...HILLARY ISN'T RUNNING FOR VEEP. Idiots.
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