Friday, July 09, 2004

Yet more lies, do dah Look Bush blowers, it is time to fess up and admit that relying upon Stephen Hayes and Cliff May is not exactly the route to go for reliable info. After claim after claim from the Bushies and their little PNAC loving tarts, despite claims of finding whoa, two whole Iranians in Baghdad, it is clear that the insurgency is NOT primarily the work of Al Qaeda or foreigners, it is this:
The developing intelligence picture of the insurgency contrasts with the commonly stated view in the Bush administration that the fighting is fuelled by foreign warriors intent on creating an Islamic state. "We're not at the forefront of a jihadist war here," a US military official in Baghdad said. The official and others told The Associated Press the guerillas have enough popular support among nationalist Iraqis angered by the presence of US troops that they cannot be militarily defeated. The military official, who has logged thousands of kilometres driving around Iraq to meet insurgents or their representatives, said a skillful Iraqi government could co-opt some of the guerillas and reconcile with the leaders instead of fighting them. "I generally like a lot of these guys," he said. "We know who the key people are in all the different cities, and generally how they operate."
The good thing in the article is there may be hope...what would also be nice is if the Bush Administration played it clean with us and admitted the actual nature of the problem, rather than the one that they are using to justify their craven mistake post-hoc.
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