Thursday, July 08, 2004

Why we vote the way we do An acquaintence who does national polling for political parties told me his most recent poll showed that 16% of likely Bush voters indicate they will support him because they are voting against Kerry. On the other end, 54% of likely Kerry voters are doing so--they say--because they are against Bush's re-election. It would seem to me the general discomfort with Kerry, as well as the desire for regime change in the United States, is driving many people this election cycle. The "common" citizen is no more enthralled with Kerry than most people on this list, yet it would appear at least half of Kerry voters are really members of the Anyone But Bush club...and harbor no illusions about what they are getting in Kerry. Perhaps viewing Moore's film will firm up that 54%, and bring more people into that camp who are no "undecided" in the polls... we can only hope so.
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