Thursday, July 08, 2004

We're missing a Horseman -- is it Famine? Because Death, War, and Pestilence are all contained in one frighteningly deranged post from Crazy Andy today.
"Mickey Kaus opines that Peggy Noonan "has done the Democrats a big favor by coming up with [a winning message for Kerry]. The message is that America wants a respite from all the headstrong history-making of the past four years." Noonan argues in her recent WSJ column that...I just have a feeling this sort of thing may have some impact this year. "A return to normalcy," with Mr. Kerry as the normal guy. I agree - but then I wrote something almost identical last February in Time"
Cannot stop shuddering...waiting for vortex to Hell to develop...only the appearance of Ann Coulter in that pentagram post is between us and utter doom. It is like H.P. Lovecraft started blogging.
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