Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Best Hair Pair Comes to Dayton These are my early thoughts. I left the rally just a few minutes ago. I have to tell you that it was a large turnout (early estimates were 10,000 but more were turned away and spilled onto surrounding streets, some people waited for over seven hours!) for one of the first rallies of Kerry-Edwards. I must be honest, I was impressed. I have been to several political rallies over the years and there was something happening at this rally. There was a lot of emotion and passion among the crowd. People in the crowd kept looking around and smiling at each other. There was an electricity that has been missing among the Dems since the Clenis left office. Before the candidates even showed up though, several of Chimpies supporters showed up and yelled and jeered at the crowd. These desparate idiots, repeatedly called us "stupid" and that we were "supporting a losing candidate." Ah, how desperate must the flightsuiters be? I wonder what the 101st Keyboarders would make of such high-minded supporters of Chimpy and Trusty? To the strains of Tina Turner's Simply the Best, John Kerry and John Edwards bound up the stairs to the platform after a rousing introduction by former senator John Glenn. Clearly they are interested in showing energy and enthusiasm. Kerry pumping his fist into the air and faux punching at the air around the audience. Ok, that's a little silly, someone should tell Kerry to stop doing that. John Edwards waved and shook hands and damn if he didn't look presidential. Although don't we all look more presidential than Chimpy and Trusty? Teresa Heinz-Kerry spoke first. Is there any doubt that she is far more intelligent, articulate, and charismatic than Laura Bush? I still harbor the suspicion that Laura took a lot of special Ed classes. Teresa made a point about the strength of America with several jabs against the anti-free speech activist Chimpy McFlightsuit. She gave an impassioned plea for the peace corp and social activism. She talked about the possibilities of the future and need for democracy abroad and at home. Hell, I can't remember when a potential first lady gave such speech. Elizabeth Edwards made several points (a little too fast) about her husband's Two America's speech as well as calling for several needed investments in health care and infrastructure. She will clearly do well on the campaign trail as she calms down but her ideas were solid. John Kerry took the microphone next. He referred to his campaign as the "Campaign to make America stronger here at home and respected around the world." While many commentators have talked about Kerry as a poor speaker. Here he did a great job. Boy, Alexandra and Vanessa Kerry looked good too. Hmmmm... I would have to say they are far more attractive than Barbara and Jenna. Kerry summed up his ideas as "better priorities, better values, and better hair"... which led to chants among the crowd of hair! Hair! Hair! Kerry energized the crowd by calling Chimpy and Trusty what they are interested in helping their friends and corporations not taking care of the children of America. "Tired of political words, tired of broken promises... this is a country of possibilities." "We are going to live up to the dreams of average Americans." While these are clearly rhetoric... what does Chimpy and Trusty have for rhetoric? Nothing. They simply attack and pursue negative campaign ads. Sad, really. Kerry attacked the health care plan of Chimpy and Trusty and promised that he would help average Americans. Ok, lets cut through the bull... most of his slogans are slogans but Kerry and Edwards seem to believe them. I have to ask based on Kerry's speech: What's Chimpy and Trusty got that they believe in besides oil and Iraq? And how has the Iraq war helped any of us? Is your gas and oil cheaper? Is your food bill going down? Is your health care gotten less expensive? What has Chimpy and Trusty done for you? Wow, Edwards is good. Really good. He captivated the crowd. Love the accent. Man, listen to Edwards versus Trusty or Chimpy? Sure is nice to hear someone be able to complete an entire sentence without five or six ums, ahs, pregnant pauses while Chimpy waits for Rove feed him his lines. Edwards captures a strong orators ability to connect to his audience. The only thing that Chumpy connects with is the office. I can't wait to see Edwards vs. Trusty in a debate. Being at this rally, I wondered is Chimpy and Trusty really the best that the republican party can offer?
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