Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"It terrifies me in terms of what we are up against" Iraqi insurgents have begun making commemorative videos.
"Something in the last few months has got them filming the most intimate, graphic attacks -- like up-close and personal," Ware said. "It's like they are embedding combat camera units, who are there on the front line with them, knowing they are going to have propaganda value in time to come." The other purpose for the videotapes, Ware said, is to terrorize Westerners. "They're trying to tell the Western public: 'This is what your boys are dying for, this is what they are up against,' " he said. "They are letting us know that, 'We can kill your boys, and we are not going away.' "
It get's scarier, as Ware, who as a reporter has had extensive contacts with these groups says:
"Maybe I am too close to all of this. I've been this close, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me on a personal level and it terrifies me in terms of what we are up against. This is far more serious, far more organized, committed, than many of us realized." Ware denies he's being used by terror groups and said he filters what he learns, regardless of the source. ''This kind of thing is never easy or comfortable," he said. "It doesn't sit well with you as a human being on many levels. But that's what covering a war is like: It has two sides. I feel an obligation to discover as much as I can about both sides. I feel that's what we're here to do." He is concerned that he may be getting too close to the insurgents and that one day they may decide to shoot the man who helps them get their message out. "I worry about that every waking moment and every sleeping dream," he said. "It terrifies me. Terrifies me on a personal level and it terrifies me in terms of what we are up against."
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