Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Meanwhile, on the FoxNews-Chickenhawk Continuum Not content to allow only the NY Post to stick its neck out and be outrageously wrong, yesterday Rupert's flagship FoxNews, "We Report, Why Decide?" came a report of the capture of a pair of Iranian intelligence agents working in Baghdad. Meanwhile, few, if any, other news sources have confirmed. But of any item that somehow may be used to support the NeoCon agenda the story spreads like bubonic plague at a flea circus and the 101st Keyboarders are there. General Instacracker; General Sully; General Hewitt. Is it true? A big maybe...but given a little history here, right-wingers make a big proclamation in the wake of FoxNews or the even more dubious World Nut Daily, it spreads throughout the right-hand side of the blogasphere, the trolls come to Atrios and Political Animal and then eventually it is shown to be a totally bogus story. Fooled more than once, says our Preznit, "won't get fooled again". Of course, this is another lie. When are they NOT fooled? UPDATE: Friendly commenter Anonymous points out that the AP is now confirming they are Iranians, but the conclusions drawn by the righties still seem to go beyond what is being reported here.
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