Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Could it be true that even McCain likes Edwards? From our loud friends at buzzflash: John McCain abandoned his integrity in endorsing Bush and, allegedly, appearing in a Bush campaign commercial, even after Karl Rove and Bush allowed McCain's Vietnam record and family to be slandered and defamed in the 2000 South Carolina primary. But McCain did have praise for John Edwards when Edwards released his book "Four Trials": "In Four Trials, John Edwards has written movingly of people who were terribly wronged, and whom he helped seek some measure of justice with great skill, determination, and genuine compassion. He shows a perceptive appreciation in these accounts for the strength of his clients' character. And, in the loving portrait of his son, Wade, and the deeply touching account of his loss, John reveals the strength of his own character and gives the reader a look beyond a political biography into the heart of a good man." -- Senator John McCain
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