Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Anti-Edwards T-shirts out already! Today I saw a group of GOP wing nuts already sporting anti-John Edwards t-shirts with a picture of him calling him "The Baby of the Senate." I also saw t-shirts with "Don't be an Ass (on the front) and "vote republican" (on the back). Man, that sure did not take long. It jogged my memory on something, though. In the United States in March 2003 two men were arrested for wearing T-shirts with "Peace on Earth" and "No War in Iraq." If they had worn these same texts in the form of buttons, they would not have been arrested. Unlike banners, flag, and T-shirts, the button can be considered a small piece of personal jewelry and thus be ignored by the police. Their "innocence" partly explains the popularity of the button as a propaganda medium during the seventies and eighties. This all begs the question, though. Will these GOP wing nuts get in trouble for their t-shirts?
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