Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Bush Administration's Reelection Strategy We are all being PUSH-POLLED. Push-polling is the usually known as having some volunteer call for some ostensible neutral polling organization and saying something like: "Are your feelings toward Candidate A changed by the allegation he likes sleeping naked with small children?" Whereupon the naive caller believes that Candidate A is a first class pervert and will never vote for the guy. This is a battle-tested formula for the Bush Campaign...ask John McCain about that "black child he fathered" as opposed to the reality of adopting a kid from Bangladesh. Stories coming out of Iraq by groups like World Nut Daily, the NY Post, or FoxNews, Cheney's constant harping on the Al Qaeda-Saddam connection ... or Rummy talking last week about the Poles finding sarin missiles (which turn out not to actually contain sarin) are examples of this. The just throw crap out there they know to be false in the hope it sinks into your impressionable brain never to be pried out by the non-covered truth. It's more than just disturbing. This is a Presidential Election year and the incumbent is push-polling all of us -- and all the right-wing does is reaffirm the fact that plainly the Bush Administration is lying to you (yes Nick Kristoff L-Y-I-N-G).
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