Thursday, July 08, 2004

Oh, Oh. That's not a good thing from the Archives I think we all have seen this lovely picture from the memory hole: Well, if you have Realplayer...this from MSNBC cannot be good...1997 Enron Party...Jeff Skilling making jokes about fudging accounting, and Poppy Bush thanking the outgoing President of Enron (was that Ken Lay he retired the first time about then?) and including specifically the support of Dubya. Yet another lovely video. Oh, and by the way, from JANUARY 17, 2001:
One powerful name to keep an eye on during this energy crisis is Kenneth Lay, chairman and CEO of Texas-based Enron Corp., and a close buddy and contributor to President-elect George W. Bush. Enron has been one of the prime movers behind California's energy deregulation and continues to be a significant player in the state as an energy marketer... All this comes amid speculation that Lay will serve as the new president's key adviser on energy policy -- even being described as a "shadow" energy secretary. In fact, Lay had been widely mentioned as the possible energy chief until Bush's recent nomination of Spencer Abraham. [Me: Ah, those Cheney Energy Policy Documents...the one's we will not be able to see until well after this November]. "The governor knows (Lay) has Bush's ear, and we know where he's coming from," says Davis' press secretary, Steve Maviglio. "He's the head of a billion-dollar corporation that's owed a significant amount of money (from the utilities) -- it's no secret," Maviglio said. And how about Lay's long political and financial ties to Bush? For starters, Enron -- which posted revenues of more than $40 billion in 1999 -- was the single largest contributor to Bush's presidential campaign, giving no less than $555,000, according to published reports. Lay even sent top executives a memo on his personal stationery asking them to contribute $1,000 each to the Bush campaign, says the New York Times. And according to the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics, Lay -- along with Enron President Jeffrey Skilling -- each contributed $100,000 to Bush's forthcoming inaugural. But the Lay-Bush connections run deeper than money. Lay hired two of Bush's father's Cabinet members and family confidants -- James Baker and Robert Mosbacher -- after they left office. And just last April, Lay played host to George W. and his dad at the Houston Astros' first home game at the team's new stadium . . . Enron Field. Three weeks later, according to Tongue Magazine, Lay joined George W. in Washington for a Republican fund-raiser that brought in a staggering $21.3 million, easily the biggest one-night haul for any political party in history. What's more, the magazine reports, the Bush campaign borrowed Enron's corporate jets eight times last year to fly aides around the country, although the cost of the trips was later reimbursed as required by law.
This was from JUST before we inaugurated our Chimperor, we spent how much on Whitewater...and we've all but ignored this? Oh, and here is something on the pen-pal's that Dubya and Kenny-Boy were. Someday their correspondence may be addressed by inmate numbers. SCLM.
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