Thursday, July 08, 2004

All My Smirks Yes, the smug smile of satisfaction devoid of shame. The look you get when you know you can rip off taxpayers, or investors; expose CIA Operatives; and/or and invade whatever damn nation you please and STILL get at least 45% percent of the vote. The Bush Administration and its Allies give you the one, the only, the look of Chimpy: The Age of the Smirkeror. The "Appointed By the Jeebus" Smirk The "Check It out She's got it goin' on" Smirk The "Sure I Didn't get the most votes but I don't care" Smirk. The "I Don't Drink Anymore *wink* *wink*" Smirk. The "Go Fuck Yoursmirk" The "Ever Changing War-Rationale" Smirk The "Let the Eagle Smirk", Smirk The "I just Waterboarded an Islamic Guy and saved a lot of money at Geico" Smirk Smirk Classic The "Sorry about Your Portfolio, Where's my Pardon?" Smirk The "Ah, What Could have Been" Smirk The "Oh, I'm Sorry was that YOUR Cat I just Vivisected?" Smirk The "NY Posts High-Placed Source and I'm Your Media Operative" Smirk The "I Just Sucked My Comb" Smirk' The "Have You Seen My Good Reputation?" Smirk The "I'm Campaigning for Four More Years" Smirk. Ah, That's Good Smirk! *Thanks to today's news, here is a special "Where's my nose candy supplier at? And you'll never know after I have the records scrubbed -- ha! ha! picture's too big to fit caption-boy" Smirk.
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