Friday, July 02, 2004

Let's Drudgify the following Speakers? On two separate occasions Matt Drudge has led the winger brigade in proclaiming Al Gore unhinged or crazy in giving a speech criticizing our besmirched Chimperor. Well, what's good for the goose (I'm such a tease) is good for our nations number one ganderer. Look at how "insane" by Drudge Standards the following people are -- with appropriate Drudge styled-Headlines: WELLLLLLLLL! Reagan finds out he's dead...Mocks Satan. Mmmmmmmmbllle! Cheney chokes Chicken with Barehands!!! Pffffft! Bush forgets Name, Let's out low series of whimpers. SOOOOOARRRRRRR! Ashcroft sings, Calico Cats Self-Immolate!!! UURRRRRP! Hastert beats Michael Moore 30 Burgers to 28! CLICK! Dennis Miller loses last viewer to QVC, cha, cha! THWUUP! Fox Horror -- Alan Colmes loses Creamy Center, left with only Spongey exoskeleton when Roger Ailes gets hungry.
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